Elly’s Class Test Prep & Democratic Party Evaluation Updates


Eduardo De Filippo, in his latest great comedy, had it right, exams never end.
Certainly the immortal playwright could never have thought that 50 years later, his intuition could also become a political news headline.

Which is a bit of a sign of the times, from the trials of life that Guglielmo Speranza (protagonist of the 1973 comedy) has to face, to the investigation with a vaguely ‘police’ flavor by the duo Marta Bonafoni and Elly Schlein.

A story, in its own way paradoxical, because as soon as she returned from holidays in Greece, the secretary of the Democratic Party ordered the coordinator of the secretariat to send a message to all the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party, assigning a sort of verification in class. “Dear friend and dear Honorable friend – reads the offending email – I am writing to announce a forthcoming telephone contact from a collaborator of the national party because we are collecting the references of the initiatives promoted by each individual parliamentarian, as we unanimously decided in our last National Directorate ”. Don’t think, however, of working your imagination, of inventing initiatives, of turning days on the beach into collections of signatures for the minimum wage, because, as stated in the email, Schlein’s collaborators will want very detailed information: “place, day, panel” and other references”. Tell me the truth, mask, this time I’ll unmask you.

And then, to be honest, Elly the iron substitute teacher wouldn’t even have all the credentials. From the beginning of the legislature to today, the secretary of the PD has participated in only 20.94% of the sessions in the Chamber, in practice she is the most absentee.
So why such a disjointed initiative? Certainly the Nazarene wants to keep up the pressure on the troops, the reparation exam is a way to maintain control of a class considered not too aligned, immediately identify the ‘listless’ students and divide them from the ‘good’ ones. Evidently not even the two group leaders, the ‘patriarch’ Francesco Boccia in the Senate, and Chiara Braga in Montecitorio, manage to guarantee the requested order, which is why the highest rank intervenes. But as in all the events of the Democratic Party, there is also something else. Elly is annoyed by the August activism of her President, Stefano Bonaccini. Just when she had disconnected from the world, the governor conquered the political scene with a series of thrusts against the government. As if he were the secretary. As you dare, Elly’s collaborators reacted angrily.

Hence the draconian questioning of parliamentarians. Which is not even the only thing that has shaken the weekend of the Democratic Party. In fact, before her weekend in Switzerland, in Vicenza, the ‘substitute’ announced that the party’s position on the progressive approach to 2% of military expenditure agreed with NATO has changed in the meantime. In this case the ‘wand’ was directed at Lorenzo Guerini, the former defense minister, animator of the internal minority. In short, for the parliamentarians of the Democratic Party it is ‘the night before the exams’.

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