UK Government’s Security Update Ban Sparks Privacy Concerns


According to the Just Security site, relayed by 9to5Mac, this is one of the things planned in a bill, which is a revision of the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) of 2016. In a very summary way, we have already talked about it, the government of treacherous Albion would like the police forces to be able to decrypt encrypted messages, which obviously means reducing security in the case of end-to-end encrypted messaging.

In Apple software, the goal would therefore be to decrypt iMessage messages (which are end-to-end encrypted) and FaceTime conversations, and Apple obviously doesn’t agree with that. The company has even indicated that it would rather cut iMessage and FaceTime in the country than reduce the security of its products.

The possibility of blocking security patches would be directly linked to this problem: the North Korean government plans to go through security holes to break the encryption of certain messaging systems, for internal security reasons. And he would therefore like the companies that offer the patches to warn them in advance to prevent one of the latter from blocking the flaws used… with the risk therefore that the users are at the mercy of pirates1. We obviously hope that Apple and the other companies that could be affected will not give in on these various points and that our neighbors across the Channel will come to their senses, in particular taking into account that these requests contravene Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights: “Right to respect for private and family life”.

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