Meloni & Zelensky: Today’s General Dresses as Drag Queen


There is this curious thing that comes from Ukraine. There are two reasons why Kiev has not yet received the F-16s from the West: the first concerns the hesitations of the US which would like to avoid direct clashes with Moscow; the second instead is incredible. In fact, it seems that Ukraine has found only eight pilots, eight, able to speak English and therefore to train in the use of fighters. Another twenty sent them to learn the language in the UK. And it makes you smile: we wage war with super-intelligent bombs and state-of-the-art drones, but then we can’t use them because we don’t know how to read the instructions.

-General Roberto Vannacci is dismissed from his role in the Army even if he will remain at his disposal, i.e. essentially he will maintain his salary and rank and once the storm has passed they will find him another office. It was in the air, given Crosetto’s exit and the annoyance that Meloni has repeatedly leaked for those who cause unnecessary controversy capable – directly or indirectly – of giving the left the opportunity to talk about fascism. But I had the opportunity to listen to his interview on Rete4 and I must say that it came out well: he supports his theses, which are also largely those of this column, and he does it in reasonable tones. He actually says what “most people think”. And I believe it is logical, right and legitimate to defend his freedom of expression.

-There’s only one problem: since he knew very well the controversies he was going to raise, well… maybe it was the case to wait for leave or retirement. Just to avoid putting the Army in this situation.

– Then it must also be said that we are very sure that if an Army general went to a gay place dressed as a Drag Queen and said that the rented uterus is sacrosanct, no one would dare to crucify him. But this is Italy.

– Edi Rama tells a detail of Meloni’s visit to Albania. He says: here we shoot the video of some Italian tourists who ran away from the restaurant without paying; Giorgia saw it and ordered the Embassy to pay the bill for those crafty people. The move is curious, certainly made in good faith. Perhaps a little populist and perhaps, had I been in the prime minister, I would not have had any statement made by the Embassy. But the fact that he paid with funds from the state and not from the state does her credit. It’s better that way.

-I don’t know Gianni Infantino but when he shoots nonsense you have to point it out. The FIFA president complained that at the women’s world cup, where Italy qualified, no newspaper had reporters accredited. Instead, at the World Cup in Qatar there were 39 despite the national team having stayed at home. “We need to start treating men and women equally,” Infantino says. But he is spectacularly wrong. You know what, John? Let’s start treating even “minor sports” like football, what do you say? We send 39 journalists to the basketball world championships, the athletics world championships or the curling tournament. Sports equality. Do you know why it doesn’t happen? Because there are more viewers, and more viewers mean more ads. The same goes for women’s football: when it’s interesting enough to involve people, well, maybe then the media will send droves of reporters for their World Cup too.

– “Alcohol is “a constant”. Followed by the classic cocaine and amphetamines. Then many ‘x drugs’, “relatively new substances” which the tests that are carried out in the hospital cannot even keep up with. They are the ingredients of I get high in the summer nights of increasingly younger kids”. Adnkronos reports it and it makes an impression: 15-year-olds arrive in serious conditions at the San Paolo hospital, prey to nightlife excesses, stoned on all sorts of stuff. This is an alarm which we talk too little about, other than women’s football.

– General Bertolini says: “By now we see that it is not possible to defeat Russia in the field, and we are starting to change the narrative to prepare public opinion, until now bombarded only by ‘win and we will win’ messages”. Add to this that, even for US intelligence, Ukraine will not be able to achieve its objectives. And that NATO is considering the transfer of territories to Russia. Well, something is moving. And not according to the somewhat propaganda stories of our media.

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