Influencer-Backed Apple Pay Campaign Hits Cities


If for many iPhone owners, Apple Pay has been obvious for several years, for others, this contactless payment service is unknown to the battalion. In order to make Apple Pay known to as many people as possible and to boost transactions around the world, Apple has decided to launch a gigantic marketing campaign!

“Pay securely with Apple Pay” After a week of suspense sparked by the enigmatic hashtag

“#PayTheApplePay” on Twitter, Apple has officially announced the launch of a new advertising campaign aimed at highlighting the simplicity and accessibility of its payment system, Apple Pay. The campaign, which starts today, will be rolled out in both the US and the UK. The new campaign is working on multiple fronts, combining traditional and digital elements to reach a wide audience. The cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester in the United Kingdom, as well as Atlanta and Dallas in the United States, will see advertising displays and banners highlighting Apple’s contactless payment service. These visual campaigns will play an important role in brand positioning and service visibility in densely populated urban areas.

But perhaps the most innovative initiative of this campaign is Apple’s partnership with TikTok influencers, which will give the “Pay the Apple Way” campaign unprecedented visibility and reach among young users of this platform. As part of the collaboration, influencers will create videos highlighting the benefits and performance of Apple Pay for contactless transactions. Each video will see the creator questioning the possibility of performing a specific action with Apple Pay, thus showing the public the different features and benefits of the service.

The collaboration with TikTok and its influencers reveals Apple’s desire to adapt to changing media and reach a younger audience. Through these content creators, Apple hopes to send a clear message: using Apple Pay is not only easy and accessible, but also safe, fast and convenient.

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