AirTags: Your Lost Luggage Savior


Since their launch, the AirTags are regularly found in the press in the “miscellaneous facts” section. Thus, it is a new story of luggage lost in an airport that is making headlines today.

In this holiday season, when some of you are thinking of going (very) far from home, slipping an AirTag could prove to be quite appropriate. It was the choice of this American who had decided to take a short bike ride in Europe. On the program: a week in the Swiss Alps, a week in Luxembourg, then a week in Finland.

For this, Barry Sherry began his bike trip by taking off from Washington DC, passing through London, then Zurich. But this is where everything changes! Indeed, if his luggage followed the connections, the bike got stuck in the United Kingdom. Having slipped an Apple beacon on his mount, he therefore approached an employee of the airline to show him where his property was.

According to CNN, the latter was quite surprised. It was apparently the first time he was faced with this kind of case (not lost luggage, but geolocated luggage with an AirTag). A little artistic blur follows, but the employee reassured our cyclist, telling him that most of the lost luggage was returned within 24 hours.

A few days later, Barry Sherry – still without news – began to relaunch on Twitter (sorry X), British Airways, American Airlines and Heathrow airport. Beyond the market value of the bike (more than 8000 dollars), the latter had a very strong personal importance, marking his fight against cancer. No way for him to give up!

A few days later, he noticed with surprise on the Locate app on his iPhone that his bike had taken to the air for Zurich, then in Luxembourg before being delivered to his hotel. All’s well that ends well since Brian Sherry was able to afford a mini Tour de France. From this experience, he thinks that the AirTag was particularly useful because it allowed him to follow the situation of his property every hour and to follow up with the aviation company, which might have taken longer to locate him.

Far from their primary use, AirTags have found many illustrations in recent times and have made it possible to show major weaknesses in the handling of baggage at airports, to find their stolen car or even to apprehend harassing behavior. Lately, AirTags have even highlighted traffic in rubber soles.

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