Legislative in Spain: “The Great Uncertainty”


On the front page of the press, this Monday, July 24, the arrival at the head of the right in the legislative elections in Spain, where Pedro Sanchez could nevertheless remain in power, thanks to the game of alliances. Emmanuel Macron’s tour this week in the South Pacific. Beginning of global negotiations on seabed mining. And the final victory of Dane Jonas Vingaard in the Tour de France.

On the front page of the press, the arrival at the head of the right in the legislative elections in Spain, where Pedro Sanchez could nevertheless remain in power, thanks to the game of alliances.

Against all odds, the Prime Minister “resists”: El País explains that the advance of the People’s Party, even allied with the far-right formation Vox, will probably be too short to win an absolute majority and form a government. These laws therefore lead to uncertainty and La Vanguardiale Catalan newspaper, specifies that the separatists of Junts, the party of the former Catalan president Carlos Puigdemont, have the “keys to renew Pedro Sanchez or force him to new elections”. “Feijoo (leader of the People’s Party) wins, but Puigdemont will be able to make Pedro Sanchez the president of the government”, confirms El Mundole conservative newspaper.

In the press, also, Emmanuel Macron’s tour this week in the South Pacific – a trip to “reengage France” in the region, according to the Elysée. According to Humanité, the objective of the president would be to affirm that France is doing well “a country of the Pacific”, in particular thanks to its territories, Polynesia and New Caledonia, both today governed by governments that are mainly independent. The newspaper says that Emmanuel Macron will also visit Vanuatu, a former Franco-British colony, and Papua New Guinea, a country that has become “a diplomatic pivot in the region”, for the first time. UN an area where the United States and China play “a major role” but where France wants to retain its influence, even express a “will to power”, according to L’homme – even if the official watchword is “cooperation”.

Courrier international affirms a desire to present France “as a power of balance” in a region “dominated by the struggle for influence between the two superpowers Chinese and American”. A visit which comes “after the affront of the cancellation, by Australia, in 2021, of the contract to deliver twelve French submarines for the benefit of the United States and the United Kingdom”.

France is also taking part in the negotiations which are opening today in Jamaica on the exploitation of the seabed. “The battle of the seabed” is the cover of La Croix, which announces that 21 States, including France, are seeking to obtain “in extremis” a moratorium against companies ready for the equivalent of a new “gold rush”. The newspaper says these companies are looking to get their hands on polymetallic nodules, which look like potato-shaped pebbles and are highly sought after because of their composition – metals like copper, cobalt or silicon. These minerals represent a real treasure for the energy transition, since they are essential, among other things, for the production of wind turbines, solar panels and electric batteries. But their exploitation itself could constitute a long-term “environmental disaster”, in particular because the machines, by drilling the seabed, generate clouds of sediment, which then wander along the currents, disturb ecosystems and threaten biodiversity.

We don’t leave each other on this. Before saying see you tomorrow, an overview of the Danish press, which obviously welcomes Jonas Vingaard’s victory yesterday in the Tour de France – his second success on the Grande Boucle, while the Jyllands-Posten. The Danish newspaper sees Jonas Vingaard “entering Tour history” alongside French cycling legend Jacques Anquetil. The Danish daily reveals that Jonas Vingaard only became the champion he is today “after learning to manage pressure and nervousness with the help of his partner”.

Oh dear ! Love works miracles and Lame Ekstra coos in the face of the “lovebirds“. Asked by the Danish tabloid, Jonas Vingaard’s wife assures us that she would like to be kept samples of her husband’s blood “for 50 years” to prove that her husband is “clean”, that he has not doped and that both of them could leave Denmark because there are not enough mountains to train.

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