Escoffier Space: A Riviera Restaurant Delight


The Carlton Cannes celebrated a historic moment by inaugurating its Escoffier space within the prestigious Riviera Restaurant. The event was marked by the eminent presence of Mr. Michel Escoffier, great-grandson of the Master and President of the Auguste Escoffier Foundation, as well as Mr. Christian Heuline, Secretary General of the Foundation and of the Disciples association. Escoffier International, and Mr. Richard Duvauchelle, curator of the Escoffier Museum.

The inauguration was an opportunity to pay a vibrant tribute to Auguste Escoffier, a famous French chef recognized as one of the pioneers of modern gastronomy. The discovery of original drawings dating from 1913 signed with the initials of Chef Auguste Escoffier affirmed the indelible imprint of this monument of French cuisine, which participated in setting up the brigade of the Carlton Cannes hotel. Today, the Espace Escoffier honors this exceptional heritage and perpetuates the innovative spirit and culinary passion of this great master.

One of the highlights of the inauguration was the presentation of the wrought iron work of artist Julie Gauthron. This unique piece of art, highlighting the symbolic elements associated with Auguste Escoffier, such as the chef’s hat, his book and his crests, captured the attention of the guests. The golden parts of the work, made using gold leaf, reflect the importance and greatness of Escoffier’s contribution to gastronomy.

We are honored to welcome Espace Escoffier to the Riviera Restaurant at the Carlton Cannes. It is a place dedicated to the memory of Auguste Escoffier, who played an essential role in the history of our establishment, declared Mr. Carlo Stragiotto, General Manager of the Carlton Cannes. We would like to warmly thank Mr. Michel Escoffier, the Auguste Escoffier Foundation, as well as all the partners involved in the creation of this commemorative space. It is an honor for us to contribute to the preservation and dissemination of Escoffier’s heritage.

The Escoffier area of the Riviera Restaurant at the Carlton Cannes will offer visitors a unique opportunity to discover the legacy of this master in the world of cuisine, through a dedicated menu and an associated cuvée of Champagne, to be tasted on the famous Table du Chief.

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