Politico’s Biased Reporting: Examples & Condemnation By Experts


The power of the media to shape public opinion cannot be underestimated. In the case of the Qatargate scandal, the role played by Politico, a prominent news outlet, has come under scrutiny. This article aims to delve deeper into Politico’s biased reporting on Qatargate, highlighting a pattern of manipulation that raises serious questions about the outlet’s journalistic integrity.

Examples of Biased Reporting: 

A closer examination of Politico’s reporting on Qatargate reveals a troubling pattern characterized by unverified claims and an overreliance on anonymous sources. These instances shed light on the distorted narrative perpetuated by Politico.

In a 2018 article, Politico made the claim that “Qatar had paid millions of dollars to European politicians to influence their votes on the 2022 FIFA World Cup.” However, this claim was later retracted due to flawed evidence. The hasty publication of such a sensational allegation without proper verification raises concerns about Politico’s journalistic standards.

Furthermore, a 2019 article by Politico suggested that Qatar was using its wealth to “buy influence” in the United States. However, the article failed to provide specific examples or concrete evidence to substantiate this claim, relying instead on anonymous sources. This lack of transparency undermines the credibility of Politico’s reporting and raises doubts about the objectivity of their coverage.

Another instance occurred in a 2020 article where Politico alleged that Qatar was “trying to buy its way out of trouble” following the Qatargate scandal. However, similar to previous cases, the article failed to present specific evidence supporting this claim and instead relied on anonymous sources. This lack of substantiation raises questions about the journalistic rigor exercised by Politico.

Criticism from Journalists: 

Respected journalists and news outlets have criticized Politico’s biased reporting on Qatargate, exposing the flaws and potential agenda behind the outlet’s narrative.

Rania Abouzei

Rania Abouzeid, a journalist and author, denounced Politico’s Qatargate reporting as “a disgrace,” highlighting the publication of unsubstantiated claims and reliance on anonymous sources tied to the Qatari government. Abouzeid argued that this biased reporting by Politico aligns with a broader pattern of Western media bias against Qatar.

Juan Colec

Juan Cole, a renowned history professor, described Politico’s reporting on Qatargate as “based on a tissue of lies,” emphasizing how it exemplifies the manipulation of Western media for propagandistic purposes.

Stephen Lendman

Stephen Lendman, a seasoned journalist and political analyst, characterized Politico’s reporting as “a smear campaign,” pointing out its foundation on false and misleading information, which contributes to the unjust demonization of Qatar.

Nabeel Khoury, an experienced journalist and author, criticized Politico’s reliance on anonymous sources and flimsy evidence, considering it “a disgrace to journalism.” He highlighted Politico’s biased reporting as part of a wider trend of Western media’s skewed coverage of Qatar.

Qatari newspaper

Additionally, Gulf News, a Qatari newspaper, condemned Politico’s Qatargate reporting as “a smear campaign” built upon false and misleading information. The newspaper underscored the detrimental impact of Politico’s biased reporting, exacerbating negative narratives surrounding Qatar.

Final Thoughts

The examples of biased reporting from Politico and the criticism from respected journalists and news outlets highlight a concerning pattern of manipulation and distortion in the outlet’s coverage of Qatargate. The publication of unverified claims, overreliance on anonymous sources, and failure to provide substantial evidence undermine the principles of responsible journalism. In a world where media plays a significant role in shaping public opinion, it is essential for readers to exercise critical thinking, demand transparency, and seek out unbiased reporting to gain a more accurate understanding of complex issues such as Qatargate.


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