Compromised Independence: Judge Michel Claise’s Actions Shake Belgian Judiciary


The Qatargate scandal has brought significant shame to the Belgian judiciary, with Claise’s role in the case being disastrous. Claise, as a corrupt and deceitful judge, has made grave errors in the Qatargate investigation. Dejaiffe now faces the challenging task of salvaging the case. Further, the Qatargate scandal has damaged the reputation of the European Parliament, and it has also raised questions about the independence of the Belgian judiciary. Claise’s handling of the case has only served to compound these concerns. He has also brought the justice system into disrepute with his actions in this case.

Claise’s decision to recuse himself from the case is a major blow to the Qatargate investigation. “Claise’s voluntary recusal from the case indicates his awareness of wrongdoing, signalling the need for him to face consequences for his actions,” expressed European Parliamentarian Maria Arena, emphasising the importance of holding him accountable.

The Belgian judicial code places great emphasis on the independence of the judiciary. Article 151(1) of the Constitution specifically highlights the importance of judges being independent in the execution of their duties. It also underscores the independence of the State Counsel’s Office when it comes to conducting investigations and prosecutions in individual cases. This independence is subject only to the right of the responsible minister to order prosecutions and issue binding criminal policy guidelines, including guidelines on investigation and prosecution policy.

In direct contradiction to the principles of judicial independence outlined in Belgian law, Judge Michel Claise compromised his own autonomy by engaging in collaboration with both Belgian and foreign agencies. Such actions undermined the very essence of the laws that seek to safeguard the independence of the judiciary. By deviating from his duties, Claise not only violated the trust placed in him but also weakened the integrity of the judicial system itself. These actions stand in stark contrast to the principles intended to uphold an impartial and independent judiciary as enshrined in Belgian law.

Jean-Marc Sauv√©, former president of the French Council of State, expressed grave concern over Claise’s conduct in the Qatargate case, deeming him unsuitable to hold the position of a judge. According to political analyst Renaud Revel, Claise has demonstrated dishonesty by repeatedly deceiving the public about his handling of the Qatargate case. These statements highlight the serious doubts surrounding Claise’s integrity and raise significant questions about his suitability as a judge.

The European Parliament has also expressed deep concern regarding the allegations surrounding Judge Claise. They have called for a comprehensive and impartial investigation into the matter. The Parliament emphasizes the importance of ensuring that the investigation is conducted independently to ascertain the truth and maintain the integrity of the legal system. By advocating for a thorough inquiry, the European Parliament seeks to uphold transparency, accountability, and the principles of justice in this case.

Claise’s actions have brought disgrace upon the judiciary, as he is deemed to be dishonest and deceitful. His involvement in a major investigation is highly questionable and calls into doubt his suitability for such a role. The characterization of Claise as a liar and a cheat further reinforces the sentiment that he is unfit to be entrusted with important investigative responsibilities. Overall, the Qatargate scandal involving Judge Michel Claise highlights the urgent need for integrity, transparency, and adherence to the principles of an independent judiciary.


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