School Style Showcase: Dressing For Success


The Munaé (National Museum of Education) has been revealing its new large format exhibition since June 10, 2023: “Dressing for school”. You don’t have to wait for the holidays to go through it.

The result of lengthy research, the “Dressing for School” exhibition explores the relationship between school and clothing from the 1880s to the present day. By taking an interest in the dress of the student as well as that of the teacher, as well as the place held by clothing in the lessons.

If the subject essentially concerns the French school, the project also adopts a comparative approach, in particular with the United Kingdom, where the school clothing culture is different.

The content of the exhibition is structured in three parts…

Being a schoolboy: games of style, the place of clothing between school and the domestic sphere

The school gets involved: regulations, the place of clothing in the definition of roles

Views on school: teacher clothing, seeing oneself as a student

As the object of the exhibition is at the heart of today’s concerns, several thematic focuses related to current topics punctuate the discussion, in particular gender, uniforms or questions related to secularism.

The visitor will discover a varied selection of nearly 250 heritage and contemporary objects and documents: clothing, class photographs, advertisements, cinema posters, archives, literature, television reports, etc.

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