Prince William’s Message On Fainting Guards In UK Ceremony


After several fainting spells during the Welsh Guards review, this Saturday, June 10, 2023, Prince William sent a message to the soldiers.

A very special climate. This Saturday, June 10, 2023, Prince William participated, in his capacity as colonel, in the review of the Welsh Guards (the Welsh Guards) on the large square of Horse-Guards Parade, in London. An exercise that is part of the preparations that the military has been working on for several days already, in view of the annual military parade, Trooping the Colour, which will be held next weekend. This is the first time that the Prince of Wales has taken part in this event – which has inherited new functions since the coronation of his father King Charles III – which was marred by the discomfort of several soldiers.

Several servicemen fainted while inspecting the Welsh Guards

The thermometer was around thirty degrees, this Saturday in the capital of the United Kingdom, but soldiers could not derogate from the rule and were dressed in the traditional red suit as well as the famous bearskin (high hat in bear hair) which distinguishes them. As Prince William, on horseback and wearing the same clothes, surveyed the troops, at least three guards became unwell. A senior officer notably collapsed at the feet of Harry’s brother, while a trombonist also lost his balance before ending up on the ground. The prince and the rest of their comrades remained impassive, continuing the exercise, while help arrived to evacuate them on stretchers.

Message from Prince William!

If he could not get out of his role during the parade, Prince William certainly did not remain unmoved by this incident. A few hours later, Kate Middleton’s husband actually spoke on his official Twitter account: “A big thank you to all the soldiers who participated in the Colonel’s Review this morning in this intense heat. Conditions were difficult but you you all did a very good job. Thank you”, he wrote, signing these few lines with his initial. “The hard work and preparation that goes into an event like [the King’s Birthday Parade] is a credit to everyone involved, especially under the conditions today,” it also read. in a second post, shared on the social network.

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