Epic Food Challenge: Consume 1.5KG Pizza & 1L Beer Within 30 Minutes For Free


This is the offer launched on Wednesday on social networks by the pizzeria “Il Pizzolaio” in San Benigno Canavese. A sort of endurance competition: to go crazy with food and then win the same food with which you have just gone crazy.

It seems to be in the United States, in the competitions of “mega eaters” and instead we are here, in the Canavese. There are no other opponents to beat, it’s a competition with yourself. The goal is to eat for free.

So, in summary: to leave the club without opening your wallet, you need to eat a pizza weighing more than 1.5 kg and a liter of beer in 30 minutes.

But how much does a normal pizza weigh? A medium-sized daisy weighs between 250 and 300 grams.

“Will you be able to eat our “Porcheria” and 1L of beer or Cocacola in 30 minutes? If you succeed, you pay nothing and you will enter the history of the pizzeria! Try it too, it’s FREE! Or maybe no?”.

A Bit of History

A food contest is a contest in which participants compete with each other to consume the largest amount of food within the allotted time. The contestant who consumes the most dishes is declared the winner. This discipline, born in the United States, has spread worldwide and is sometimes practiced by professionals.

The first food contests date back to the 20th century in the United States and saw contestants compete to eat the most pies at provincial fairs. During the early 1900s, these events were used by the US military to encourage patriotism during World War I. On July 4, 1916, the first hot dog competition was held at the Nathan’s Famous restaurant in Coney Island (New York): an event that has been held annually since the 1970s and is attended today by thousands of spectators.

Food contests today include several federations and boast several “champions” including Joey Chestnut, who held a world record in 2018 by consuming 74 hot dogs in ten minutes, Takeru Kobayashi, who helped make this activity more popular by winning all of Nathan’s Famous hot dogs from 2001 to 2006, Sonia Thomas and Eric Booker. Today food competitions are spread all over the world and are practiced above all, as well as in the USA, in Canada, in the United Kingdom and in Asia.

Eating contests are held between a very variable number of competitors who aim to consume the largest amount of food in the short amount of time available. Usually they last ten minutes, but there are some competitions that last twelve or thirty minutes. The contestant who eats the most dishes is declared the winner.

The dishes served to the competitors are very variable and include hot dogs, pizzas, hamburgers, cupcakes, ice creams, steaks, so-called Buffalo wings, pieroghi and much more. Usually during the competitions prizes are offered which can be in cash.

This article is originally published on giornalelavoce.it


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