May 1st Long Weekend Draws 8 Million Italian Tourists


There will be 8 million – to which we could add 3.1 million who are undecided, above all due to the still unstable weather – the Italians who will take advantage of the May 1 holiday – which falls on a Monday – for a long weekend, or even a a few days: 3 out of 4 interviewees have, in fact, only planned a short break, with a maximum of 1 or 2 nights at their destination, but there is also 4% who will allow themselves a full week, with no less than 5 nights spent out home.

It emerges from the Observatory on tourism of Confcommercio created by Swg.
However, the radius of travel is rather limited, as usual for this holiday: 1 out of 2 holidaymakers will remain in the immediate vicinity of their place of residence, or in any case in their own region.

The remaining half will instead move outside the region, but always in Italy, or abroad, a choice declared by 9% of the sample interviewed.
The average budget available to reach a seaside resort – the most popular choice in 3 out of 10 cases – or a city of art or a village is 350 euros all inclusive per person. Among the domestic destinations, those of Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Campania and Puglia are privileged in terms of choice, while France and Spain attract more those who go beyond the Alps, followed by Portugal.


There will be 10 million tourists on the move throughout Italy in the four days of the May 1 long weekend, from today to Monday’s Labor Day. This was predicted by a survey conducted by Cna Turismo e Commercio among the associates of our entire country. In this period, a total of four and a half million holidaymakers will stay overnight in accommodation, hotels and non-hotel facilities, the rest will reopen second homes or go to stay with friends and relatives. One in five tourists, i.e. just over two million, will be a foreigner. The economic movement determined by these flows will lead to a respectable total turnover, worth over 4.5 billion. The survey shows that the two spring bridges (which gravitated around 25 April and 1 May) overall are destined to involve 18 million tourists for 10 million overnight stays in accommodation facilities and a turnover exceeding 10 billion of Euro. The tourist revenues of the May 1 long weekend were mainly driven by the return of foreign holidaymakers, characterized by levels of consumption much higher than the average: they generally ensure three overnight stays per capita in accommodation facilities. The strong dollar is driving tourists from the United States of America to Europe, and Italy in particular. France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Holland and Ireland are the countries from which the greatest number of Europeans is arriving. The magnets will be artistic events (exhibitions, shows, concerts) such as the Concertone in Rome or the Comicon, the international comics salon in Naples. The initiative of free state museums and archaeological parks on the anniversary of April 25, commissioned by Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano, seems destined to reverberate its success also on the days of this bridge, allowing for full houses in cultural institutions and generally in cities and villages of art, all the more so if the forecasted weather whims between Sunday and Monday are confirmed. Outdoor activities, the search for food and wine treasures and experiential, craft or agricultural activities will be other magnets for Italian and foreign tourists.


Over six out of ten Italians (61%) will spend the long weekend of the May 1 festival away from home, among those who will go to the beach, those who will seek relaxation in the countryside, those who will choose exhibitions and concerts, those who will visit relatives and friends, but there are also about 8 million people who will take advantage of the mini bridge to take a real holiday by choosing a national destination in more than nine cases out of ten. It emerges from a survey Coldiretti Ixe’ for Labor Day which is the prelude to the summer season. Among the favorite destinations, the sea beats the cities of art, followed by the mountains and the countryside, with spring representing the favorite season for nature lovers with its mild climate, flowering plants, the passage of migratory birds, but also agricultural activities with land preparation and sowing work. After the difficulties associated with the Covid emergency, there is also a return of conviviality at the table – notes Coldiretti – with the desire to be together with relatives and friends at home, at the restaurant, on picnics in the open air or on a farm. Growing interest in small villages. In Italy, centers under 5,000 inhabitants host 16.5% of the national population but represent 54% of the entire Italian surface, according to a Coldiretti analysis on Istat data, with wide margins of residential reception in a strongly marked landscape – he concludes the Coldiretti – from agricultural productions, from the gentle hills combed by vineyards to secular olive trees, from farmhouses in the plains to mountain huts, from green pastures to flowered terraces, which contrast the degradation and hydrogeological instability.

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